Kathryn Merlihan

A Toronto based, front end web developer with a passion for team building and collaboration.

I am a front end developer working at ecentricarts where we focus on creating great user experiences within the Kentico CMS.

I am very involved with company social events and strongly believe that great office morale is developed through great social planning and making personal connections within the team.

I went to school at Fanshawe and Sheridan College studying web development. The Interactive Multimedia program at Sheridan really piqued my interest as it introduced me to HTML and CSS. What I really love about HTML and CSS is that it gives me a real opportunity to visualize code. I wouldn't call myself a designer, but I do love the visual element of programming as a front-end developer.

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Continual Education

Front-end tech is constantly changing. These are some of my go-to resources I use to keep up!

  1. Code School Currently my favourite learning path, I have been obsessed with all of their releases. It is a personal goal of mine to make it through every front end related course they offer. I have just wrapped up their HTML/CSS Path and am eager to get going on their Javascript Path.

    Badges I've Earned from Code School

    • Shaping up with Angular Badge
    • Assembling Sass Badge
    • Assembling Sass Part 2 Badge
    • CSS Cross Country Badge
    • Front End Formations Badge
    • Front End Foundations Badge
    • Journey Into Mobile Badge
    • Javascript Badge
    • Blasting off With Bootstrap Badge
  2. Pluralsite Another favourite in keeping up with the latest, Pluralsite's huge variety of courses from beginner to advanced keeps me on my toes.

  3. Foundation Foundation is my favourite framework (though Bootstrap is great too). I have taken Zurb's own Advanced Foundation course and would recommend it to any Foundation developer. It covered best practices right from the source itself.